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  • Medical Tourism

    We provide medical tourism services in more than 20 of the best destinations in Turkey and university hospitals. With real and continuous free medical follow-up from our qualified medicine specialists whom you can trust to ensure the highest quality of services provided and obtain the desired results

  • Consultation & Second Opinion

    Duo to the lack of reliable pharmacists and doctors, many people seek to know the correct use of treatment & medical information, which is extremely important and even critical. Or the patients wish they could consult a specialist with experience, high degree of knowledge and honesty specialist. This is what we provide to you remotely at reasonable prices

  • Medical Store

    We provide original medical products you need, such as cosmetics and skin care products, general food supplements such as multivitamins and immune inhancers, and special multivitamins such as food supplements and protein for athletes. We also provide free medical follow-up from our specialists to ensure the highest quality of services provided and gain the best results

TÜRKıYE is one of the top 10 countries in the world

Overall, Türkiye ranks ninth in the world in medical tourism field
1 million and 200 thousand visitors to TÜRKİYE received medical tourism services in 2022
TÜRKİYE ranks fourth in the world in: hair transplant operations, eye surgeries and IVF.
It has even succeeded in producing food supplements and medical beauty products with high quality.

Why we ?

Professionalism, Quality and Trustful

Medicine Specialists

We are a group of independand specialist doctors & pharmacists who are not affiliated with any of hospitals or medical product manufacturers. The interest of our clients is our main goal, and our specialists hold postgraduate studies and have distinguished experience with a minimum of 16 years and up to 40 years.

Original Products

For every product we provide to you is an original and licensed medical product that comes to you from our store directly to you. Our source is the licensed Turkish pharmacy and medical warehouses that deal with Turkish pharmacists only.

Customer care

Our customer service representatives assist you with free follow-up from our specialists to complete the purchase process from our medical store to ensure the best results and what is appropriate for your health condition, as well as free consultation and follow-up of the medical procedure planned to be undergone within medical tourism.
They also follow up with you to provide after-sales services

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